Will my Mattress get a body signature (body impression)?

Body signatures (which is your body’s shape reflected in the mattress), in modern beds are normal and are generally an indication that the comfort layers are working with your body as they should.

To determine if an impression is normal you would need to take a measurement. Place a long, straight edge, like a broom handle across the mattress surface. Measure from the underside of the straight edge to the top of the quilt design, not the stitching line. A measurement of 32mm or less would not indicate the presence of a manufacturing concern with your mattress.

Body signatures may appear to be more pronounced with King Size mattresses. Utilising the entire surface of your mattress and rotating it as recommended in your Sealy Guarantee/ Warranty will assist in providing even wear, particularly during the first one to three months of your mattress life. The base that your mattress is on may contribute to more pronounced body impressions forming.

Sealy does not recommend putting a new mattress on an old base and strongly recommends purchasing a Sealy ensemble (both mattress and base). If the base is a slat base, this could also influence the performance of your mattress. Sealy suggests that the slats be secured with a centre support rail and leg, with the gap between the slats smaller than the slats themselves.

To work out whether your base is the problem, one suggestion is to take the mattress off the base and try it on the floor. If the impressions are less evident, this may indicate that there is a problem with the base.

Will my mattress feel like the one I choose in the store when it is delivered?

Your new Sealy mattress will consist of brand new foams, silks, wools and cottons and these new materials require time to conform to your body shape and weight. As such, there may be a 'settling' period of 6 to 8 weeks for a new mattress.


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What are the local standard sizes for Sealy mattresses?



What if there is a noise with my mattress?

Noise may come from the mattress or the base. The best way to determine the source of the noise is to isolate the mattress from the base onto the floor and then attempt to replicate the noise.


BASE ISSUE: There are a number of possible causes of noise with bases, including castors/glides not being fitted correctly, headboard brackets, or the base rubbing against a nearby power point.


MATTRESS ISSUE: Mis-use of the mattress such as sitting, standing or jumping can generate noise. If the noise occurs whilst sleeping, we would suggest contacting our Customer Care Department to discuss the issue further.


What if my mattress has an odour when it is delivered?

Any odour you detect when your mattress is first delivered is generally a short term issue and should not last any longer than two weeks. If you continue to have concerns regarding the odour, we recommend you sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the mattress, leave for as long as possible, then give a light vacuum off. Alternatively placing the bicarbonate of soda in a bowl in the bedroom or spraying the mattress with a fabric deodorizer may also assist. Always check the suitability of spray prior to use.

What happens if I experience a heat issue with my mattress?

Should you experience a heat issue with your mattress, Sealy suggests a number of options, including using good quality cotton bed linen and woollen underlay together with temperature reduction options in your home, such as fans and air-conditioning. Always keep in mind that the lower the thread count of the sheets the more breathable they will be.

How long is the Guarantee/Warranty on Sealy beds?

10 years

How do I choose the right mattress?
Can I use a non-Sealy Foundation?

Yes - However, your Sealy Guarantee/ Warranty does not cover mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation. Therefore, if you are using a slat foundation, it is recommended for it to have a centre rail and leg support, especially for King & Queen Size.


Sealy has in place the broadest and best Guarantee/Warranty in the home furnishing industry and has an absolute commitment in giving our customer the full value of their Guarantee/Warranty.


Are Sealy beds actually different from dealer to dealer?

Yes – In addition to our beds having different names & fabrics for different dealers, they are quite often built to a different architecture.