Comfort layers are the key determinant of the bed’s 'feel'. Higher density foams and pre-compressed fibres ensure body impressions and ‘soft spots’ are minimised. The mattress is designed to have very little feel change over its life. The combination of different comfort layers determines the feel. Sealy’s Product Architecture Principles have been established to ensure all layers work together harmoniously over time.

Layer of gel infused foam

ComfortCore® Premium

Located at below the quilt layer, ComfortCore Premium is a latex and/or gel-infused visco elastic layer across the centre third of the mattress, which provides extra conformance in the important lumbar region of the lower back, designed to disperse pressure where it is needed most. The additional density in the centre third, also improves the durability of the comfort system.

PostureTech ST Spring featuring five turns


A dynamic fabric treatment applied to ticking after the weaving process. The treatment acts by increasing dispersion of moisture as temperature increases. This action assists the process of evaporation which in turn assists cooling, maintaining the sleep environment at the ideal temperature for the sleeper. The treatment does not affect the sleep environment unless heat and humidity increase sufficiently to require it. This ensures that anyone sleeping on the mattress gets only what they need.

PostureTech ST Spring featuring five turns

Fine Sealy fibre

Fine fibre provides loft, and are densified for lasting comfort. Sealy pre-crushes all fibres to ensure the mattress retains its loft over its lifespan.

PostureTech ST Spring featuring five turns

Natural Wool

Wool is a natural fibre that is both durable and very flexible, retaining its initial loft over time. It has a ‘wicking’ characteristic which means it can draw moisture away from other surfaces, making it very comfortable in any climate. Wool is an investment in sound sleep, luxurious comfort, safety and quality product performance.

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New replacement guarantee Up to 10 years

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