Visit your local Sealy retail store and remember the tips in this guide to help you make the right choice. Before you know it, you'll have mastered mattress speak and can enjoy testing out Sealy beds in-store feeling well informed.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your trip in-store:

Come prepared

If you’re shopping for you and a partner, we encourage you to shop together for your new bed. Comfort test a number of mattresses to find the sleep system that matches each of your comfort needs.

The right bed with the right retailer

  1. If you've had a positive mattress shopping experience previously, start there.
  2. Make sure the retailer offers the quality and the selection you desire.

Be smart in store

  1. Do not be embarrassed to lie on the bed. This is a valuable investment so take your time.
  2. Start with testing the feel of a good quality mattress – We suggest starting from the Posturepedic Palatial Crest Collection
  3. This will help you determine your comfort preference first.
  4. Try an ultra plush, plush, then a medium, then finally firm innerspring. See below for more information about comfort levels.
  5. Don't worry about what's in the mattress. Yet.

Know the four basic comfort levels when you test

Comfort ranges from very soft to ultra firm - so establish your comfort preference first. Remember: Comfort is different for everyone. Try several different comforts when you’re in the store. A good mattress should provide you with the right support at every comfort level.

  1. Ultra Plush – a very soft-feeling surface.
  2. Plush – firmer than the ultra plush, but not as firm as cushion firm.
  3. Cushion Firm / Medium – firmer than a plush, but softer than firm.
  4. Firm – the hardest of the comfort levels.
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