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PT Sealy Indonesia (Sealy Indonesia) was created in a joint venture between Sealy Inc. (USA) and Sealy of Australia. Sealy Indonesia started operating in 2013 after the Joint Venture was set up.

Sealy is the number one choice of bedding with the title of World's No.1 Selling Mattresses for over 30 years. 100 million people worldwide are experiencing the benefits of a better night's sleep from Sealy.

Developed in conjunction with leading orthopedic surgeons from the USA, Sealy's better sleep technology has been providing superior harmony of support, comfort and durability for over 100 years. You can be sure that every bed meets the most exacting standards laid down by Sealy.

Sealy maintains the world's largest and most advanced research and development center and testing laboratory. Sealy spends more time and resources on sleep research and product development than any other bedding manufacturer.

The R&D center and testing laboratory are equipped with highly specialized facilities, such as:
  • Digital Motion Capture which measures skeletal alignment
  • Pressure Mapping Device which makes sure that the product specification adheres to the pressure relief criteria as set out by the OAB
  • Impact Testing Machine which tests the durability of an ensemble
  • Rollator for finished product testing which simulates wear and tear over 10 years - over 100,000 times
Sealy is leading the consumer recognition among mattress brands - 9 of 10 consumers are either very or somewhat familiar with the name (according to the 2007 HFN Brand Survey) and ranks No.9 among all furnishing brands (according to the 2009 Top20 Home Products Brands by HFN) and is one of the "America's Most Admired Companies" according to the American Fortune Magazine.

Sealy's decades of research has brought tremendous success and popularity to the product. Innovation is the key reason why Sealy is the best selling bed in the world and sought after by well-known hotel chains worldwide. Through Sealy's continuous research, the performance of the product has been enhanced with greater value for money and uncompromised quality.

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